Shipping Specialization ~ At ITS, we focus all our our efforts into very specific shipping markets to deliver the best possible services to our customers. If you have been contacted by ITS, it is because we are experts in shipping and shipping expertise is important to your company. We recognize that if we attempt to be a Jack of All Trades, then we will absolutely be a Master of None.

Personal Attention ~ Most shipping companies claim to treat their customers like a name and not a number. How many of them actually have human beings answering their phones? When you finally do get through to someone, how often is that person empowered or capable of handling your request? We invite you to put ITS to the test. Call us for prompt personal assistance.

Economical Efficiency ~ If you have recieved pricing from ITS, you probably already know that we offer the most economical rates in the shipping business. The value does not stop there. It is advanced logistics and technology that gives ITS a real competitive edge: we refuse to skimp on customer service or speed.

Unique E-Management ~ More and more shipping companies offer some kind of Internet based track and trace capability. Try our online tracking and shipping system. It is more customizable, comprehensive, and user-friendly than those offered by competitors.

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