Web-based Shipping Information System
Simplifies Tracking & Booking

   If you currently from or to the US, you are probably rely on an archaic Fax or E-mail notification to inform you about what has been shipped, what has not arrived, and what you can expect. If you are lucky, your consolidator now has some kind of basic web-based, on-hand system that allows you to see what has arrived at their warehouse and what has been shipped.

   Imagine taking that one step further and being able to view the status of any shipments at any stage in the supply chain up to receipt at your door 24 hours a 7 days a week. Our new online system enables you to view shipment progress:

After your supplier has given them to their local carrier or trucker to deliver to our facility.

After we have received the shipments at our warehouse
After we have sent your consolidation and its components from our facility to the foreign gateway
After shipments have been cleared at the foreign gateway and are on their way to you

After the shipments have been delivered to your facility. We provide the name of the receiver and date of delivery.

Do you want to see what the status is of an important shipment that was supposed to be sent from a supplier in Chicago?
Log on and find out 24 hours a day!
Do you want to check the status of everything in your Œpipelineč not yet delivered to your door?
Log on and find out 24 hours a day!
No more faxes, no more phone calls, no more staying up late or getting up early to contact us. Best of all, this system is completely free of charge!

Try our online tracking and booking!

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