The strength of ITS lies, quite simply, in our offices and partners in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. It is easy to provide economical and efficient logistics in any first world country. It is harder to send shipments from developed to developing countries and receive efficient service and feedback. It is hardest to get service providers in developing countries to originate shipments in a prompt, save and professional manner. This is where ITS excels.

Our people on the ground in every Eastern European and former Soviet republic are not only trained in European and American methods of efficiency but they are also armed with the tools and technology to perform better than anyone else. Communication is instant and tracking and tracing are web-enabled. Packing and crating materials are on site in all of our locations. Rest assured, if ITS is entrusted with your trust you will be pleased with service that is on time, complete and on budget. Just some of the types of cargo we handle are as follows:

Commercial Cargo                    

Personal Effects/Household Moves


If your company is involved in any aspect of shipping commercial cargo to or from Eastern Europe or the Newly Independent States, ITS has a solution for you. We provide expedient and reliable delivery of commercial cargo. Experienced personnel are responsible for all customs and handling formalities once cargo touches down. This direct control ensures that our clients receive superior quality service.


    Increased international attention in Eastern Europe & the Newly Independent States has meant a huge growth in the US expatriate community. ITS provides a complete, controlled international relocation service to and from the region. We will have your personal effects crated for shipping - professionals accustomed to the careful handling required will do this. Our services are door to door inclusive of all origin and destination services. You will have personal contacts both in origin and destination countries that will be responsible for coordinating your move door to door to make sure that you are aware of shipment status.


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